Our Boats

Blue Magic Scuba owns and operates three fast boats:

Each of our boats are fast, comfortable “Diver’s Boats” designed and built specifically to get you to the reefs fast and in “Personal Valet Diving” comfort. With their large four-stroke outboard motors, being first on the reef is not unusual! All our boats are licensed, insured and inspected. Our boats all have Marine Radios for safety, canopies for shade and comfort, a first aid kit, O2 kit, clean dry towels, a cooler for our fresh fruit and bottled water, snacks, and a camera fresh-water rinse tank. In addition, all are filled with an extra dose of FUN!!!

The Enigma:Cozumel boat scuba diving

Is a 27 foot “Launcha” and Blue Magic Scuba’s flagship. Licensed to carry ten passengers plus crew, we usually never place more than 8 divers on her, allowing for lots of extra room and comfort. When we have a group of 8 or 10 divers that want to dive together, there is still enough room on The Enigma to not have that crowded “cattle cart” feeling. Enigmboasts a new 250hp 4-stroke Yamaha motor that is so quite you’ll only hear the sound of the waves slapping the bottom of our boat.

It’s no mystery why everybody loves our Enigma!!


The AK:

scuba diving cozumelAnother 27 foot “launcha” our AK is also licensed to carry 10  passengers plus two crew; she too usually goes out with only  six eager divers, and we never load her with more than 8 passengers! AK has a new 250hp 4-stroke Yamaha behind her that gets you there quickly, quietly and in style!!


Find out why our "AK" is much more than "OK"



The Atila II:

Attila the Hun was a conqueror; our Attila II conquers the waves and the crowds as we begin our dive.

The “baby” of our family. Atila II, unlike her namesake is a very friendly boat. She is designed and licensed for ten, but we NEVER go out with more than eight,  and usually just six or less!!! When we really want to speed, Atila II with her newer 200HP 4-inline, 4-stroke Yamaha motor gets us there! She has just been completely refurbished leaving her looking, feeling and riding like new!