Yuval "UV" Tamari - Base Leader

& PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)Instructor

After leaving his birthplace,the Holy City of Jerusalem, “UV” made his way to Southern California where he spent 25 years living the ho-hum, humdrum life of a successful International Marketing Executive in the field of Specialty Silicon Micro-electronics. While snorkeling during a family vacation in the Central American nation of Belize, Yuval found himself playing with the bubbles of the divers 60 feet below him. They seemed to be having a great time swimming with the fish, instead of above them like he was. Immediately upon returning home, UV enrolled in a PADI OPEN WATER Course, and became a certified diver. Never a fan of cold, especially the cold southern California Pacific, Yuval went on a short break to dive in the warm, crystal clear, Blue Magic Waters of the Caribbean Sea that surround that lush, tropical Paradise that is Cozumel. Upon his return to California, and to the horror of his wife, his employer, his friends and most other sane people, Yuval quit his high-paying, executive position and went diving. He hasn’t stopped since. Yuval traveled the Caribbean, eventually reaching the Bay Islands of Honduras, where he underwent extensive training and became certified as a PADI Open Water Instructor. A short time later, “UV” reached the professional level of PADI MSDT. Yuval continued to travel and dive around the world, and eventually returned to one of his favorite dive locations: Cozumel. UV invites you to come diving with him and his team for an unforgettable underwater adventure! Rumors that Yuval’s grandfather imported and refined an old European brewing method to Japan (what has since become known in Japan and the rest of the world as “the Tamari method” of Soy Sauce fermentation) persist, although concrete evidence to that effect has remained classified and has not yet been made public. The Japanese government continues the mystery by insisting on a “no comment” policy.

Enrique "Pumbaa" Ascencio - PADI Certified Divemaster


Enrique "Pumbaa" joined Blue Magic Scuba in January, 2009. Pumbaa was born on the mainland in Campeche. Most of his family is still on the mainland, but he has three brothers that all live on the island. Pumbaa and his wife Maria have two children, Dennis 18 and Christopher 9, and one grandchild. Pumbaa has been living "in and around" the ocean for over twenty-five years, and he has been leading dives as a dive master on Cozumel for over fifteen years. He loves being near the ocean, on the ocean, in the ocean, and diving is his love. In addition to being an accomplished divemaster, Pumbaa has also worked as a chef. He enjoys cooking for family and friends and we can personally attest to his kitchen prowess !

Pablo Jose Rosado Villalobos: Captain


Pablo, the captain of Blue Magic Scuba’s  “A K” is the friendliest captain in Cozumel, coupled with his knowledge of our reef  and the currents that surround us,  Pablo always knows the best places to start  the dive, and of course he is right there when you surface!

 Santos Gonzales - Operations Manager
                                PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor # 92855


As Operations Manager it is Santos that makes sure all is in place for you to enjoy your dives hassle free!! Behind the scenes Santos organizes the boats, tanks crew and gear and every other detail so that you don't need to worry.  Santos does this incredibly difficult job with ease and a smile. Santos has not given up his love of the water and dives every chance he can.

Santos teaches in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese I've been in love with the sea since I was a child so diving was a must. I dove for the very first time in May 1985 before doing my Open Water and Advanced Open Water Course here in Cozumel. I was only 15 years old and I never imagined I would become one of the local PADI professional DIVEMASTERS in 1995. After Dive mastering for five years, diving daily with certified people, finally in 2000 I became a PADI OPEN WATER SCUBA INTRUCTOR.That changed my life forever. Because it let me do something I really enjoy.................................. teaching new divers!!I eventually left to resume my previous life but the underwater sea called me back and I am now doing what I really like for a living. Everything I see underwater brings a smile to my face but my favorite creatures are seahorses, turtles and eagle rays.I am so thankful to all the people from all around the world who I teach to dive and am able to share this wonderful experience.

mailto: Santos@bluemagicscuba.com

Ellis Tamari: Guest Services


Ellis was not too long ago absolutely terrified of the water and even more terrified of the fish.  After seeing her husband become addicted to diving and spending more and more time away, she realized that if she wants to spend any time with him, she better learn to dive.  And that she did!!!! It was NOT easy, but with Ellis’ undaunting stubbornness and determination she was able to overcome her terror.

Now after a few years and approaching 100 dives, Ellis has become a proficient diver who enjoys drifting along with the current!! Her fear of fish has been replaced by a new-found awe of all things aquatic, especially Spotted Eagle Rays!!!

Ellis is a mom of two grown children and has earned her Masters of Science in Family Studies at California State University Northridge. As a specialist, she worked with children with autism and attention deficit disorder for a few years. Today, Ellis enjoys living in the “Paraiso” that is Isla Cozumel.

Ellis is in the shop most days making sure that all our guests have all their needs met.

 Mario L. Vera Placencia: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor # 64075


Mario teaches in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese, but speaks a few other languages as well!My name is Mario Vera. I am originally from Mexico City, I came to this island 23 years ago to get my license as DIVING INSTRUCTOR. I stayed to live here because I fell in love with the island, due to the beauty of the reefs. I got my PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor license in 1992 and have been teaching people how to dive ever since. I really enjoy this work. I also do underwater video and photography. I hope to see you soon in the BLUE MAGIC waters of Cozumel with Blue Magic Scuba and introduce you to the reefs of this beautiful island.

Cristina Ipiadis:   PADI OWSI# 338442


Cris is an amazing Brazilian instructor that loves teaching and is passionate about Caribbean life and the marine environment. Some of her favorite things are dogs, spending the day at the beach and Nutella. She can teach in English, Spanish and Portuguese but luckily the diving signals are international so all languages are welcome!

Paulina Jimenez Garcia :  Administration & Front Office


“My name is Paulina, I was born in the most beautiful state in Mexico, Chiapas!!  The three most important things in my life, God, my husband and daughter, and being happy and make a little happier those who are around me. My weakness: the delicious Mexican food!! Since I came to Cozumel for vacation five years ago I knew that Cozumel was the place I need to live at, so after finishing college I bought a one way ticket and here I am! Working with the best dive crew by the mornings, and enjoying beautiful  sunsets with my lovely new born family!! I'm ready to welcome you to Blue Magic Scuba, always with a smile, just because I enjoy very much my job and same as you, love the underwater world!.

mailto: bmsadmin@bluemagicscuba.com

Roberto Jose Uc Bote: Operations Coordinator


Roberto is the newest member of our team and has already become one of us. Roberto makes sure that the gear, the boats, the tanks and everything you need for an enjoyable dive is prepared for you before you step aboard one of our boats. Roberto has very quickly become our “go to” guy for quick results.  Roberto is also certified by ScubaPro to maintain and repair all of our ScubaPro equipment. When not working Roberto is the catcher on Cozumel’s  baseball team!!

Reymer Arcangel "Angel" Uc: Capitan


Joel Campos: Divemaster


Juan Quintana Cruz: Divemaster

GoPro www.divemasterinternship.org

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PADI trained and certified Divemasters are the most desired dive professionals in the world. As a PADI Divemaster you can see the world and sea the world! Begin to live your dream as a professional dive leader now! Located in the crystal clear Blue Magic Waters of Cozumel, Mexico, one of the world’s premier dive destinations, Blue Magic Scuba’s Divemaster Internship program is led by some of the most experienced dive professionals in the Caribbean.
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