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Anoaat Cozumel

Scuba Diver

Frequently Asked Questions

Where on Cozumel do you dive?

We go to all of the dive sites from Barracuda and San Juan in the North to Punta Sur and Maracaibo in the South. Weather and sea conditions, as well as diver skill, are considered for some of the more advanced sites. Sites are usually decided by the group of divers on the boat. If there is a particular dive site you are interested in diving, talk to us early in your stay.

Do you do night dives?

Yes, we do night dives every week. They are not scheduled on specific nights, but rather based on request. We must have at least three divers signed up to do a night dive.

Where do you pick up divers?

We start our trips from the Caleta Harbor about 5 miles south of San Miguel. We then can pick up divers at hotels from there to the far southern resorts. Some hotels may charge their guests a daily fee for getting picked up by a dive shop other than the onsite dive operation. Ask your hotel when making reservations.

What time do your boats leave from Caleta?

9:00 AM - The boats leave the dive shop dock at the Caleta harbor at 9:00 am for the morning two tank trips. Pickup times at hotels south of Caleta are dependent on the number of stops, number of divers, weather and distance from Caleta. Pickup at the far southern resorts is usually around 9:30.

2:00 PM - The boats leave the dive shop dock at the Caleta harbor at 2:00 pm for the afternoon two tank trips. Like the morning dives, pickup times at hotels south of Caleta are dependent on the number of stops, number of divers, weather and distance from Caleta. Pickup at the far southern resorts is usually around 2:30pm.

Twilight and night dive times vary depending upon the time of year. These are scheduled with the dive shop in advance.

Where is Blue Magic Scuba located?

Our shop is located at #71 Calle 4 Norte between Rafael Melgar Avenue and 5th Avenue in San Miguel. We are less than one block east of the waterfront, just 2 blocks north of the main Ferry Pier to the mainland.

Do you take cruise ship passengers diving?

Yes we do, but we may need to schedule a special boat in order to accommodate your docking schedule. Advance reservations are required.

What kind of boats do you have and how many divers do they hold?

We have four small fast boats that carry 6 to 8 divers. These boats are designed to get you out to the reefs as quickly as possible. Water entry is done by a back roll off the side of the boat. Water exit is done by climbing a ladder back into the boat. Each boat is equipped with oxygen, a marine radio, first aid kits and life preservers. All boats have canopies in order to provide shade from the sun.

What size of tanks do you have?

We can supply 60, 80 and 100 cubic foot tanks.

Can I get Nitrox tanks?

Yes, EAN 32 or 36 is available for an additional charge for each fill and must be requested in advance.

What are the water temperatures in Cozumel? Do I need a wetsuit?

The water temperature ranges between 76 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months (Dec, Jan, Feb); 78 to 80 degrees in the Spring (March through May) and warm up to 82 - 84 degrees in the summer months.

Exposure protection is really determined by your tolerance and is based on your tendency to chill. Keep in mind that if you will be doing multiple dives over multiple days, you will probably become less tolerant of cold as the week progresses. A good all- around suit for Cozumel is a full 3 mm.

What is a typical dive profile?

All of our dives are tailored to meet the desires and objectives of our divers. However, a typical day with us would be a wall dive to a depth of 80 to 100 feet, multi-level, with the bottom time determined by your air management techniques and computer. We will then spend an about an hour at a local beach in between dives where you can relax and off gas so that your next dive is not restricted. The second dive is typically a shallower dive between 40 and 60 feet. Our average bottom times range between 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

How many divers are on a boat?

We never put more than the maximum number of divers on our boats. We have boats that can accommodate 6 to 8 divers.

What will we see?

Cozumel has a wide variety of marine life including turtles; spotted eagle rays; nurse, black tip and occasionally hammerhead sharks; schools of snappers, grunts, and triggerfish; barracudas; seahorses; and Cozumel's endemic Splendid Toadfish. You will drift along walls of coral with plentiful sponges as you fly out over the abyss. Each site will be different every time you dive.

How do we make payments and what happens if we have to cancel?

Reservation, payment and cancellation information can be found on our policies page.

How do I make a reservation?

All divers are required to complete an online reservation form from our website on the reservations page. Once your reservation form is received, you will be notified, via email, with a confirmation and the deposit amount. Deposits can then be made via PayPal by clicking the PayPal link on our home page or at the bottom of the reservations page. Without this deposit, we cannot guarantee your reservation.

How do we check in with you when we arrive in Cozumel?

You must check in with us no later than the evening prior to your first dive. If you are unable to make our office hours due to your flight schedule, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Check-in hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

You will need to bring final payment and your certification card from any recognized agency. We cannot allow you to dive without proper verification of certification. A log book may also be required for certain dive sites.

If you are diving with us for 3 or more days, you may bring your equipment to the shop, or bring it to the boat the first day and we will clean and store your gear each day for you.

Do you require a check-out dive?

We sometimes insist on a private divemaster for the first day (and subsequent days if necessary) or a refresher dive with an instructor at the divers expense if a diver has not been diving in more than 18 months, or is a new diver with less than six ocean dives. This is for the safety and enjoyment of all of our divers. Private divemasters are available for small groups of no more than 3 divers for $50 per two tank dive trip.

Do you require dive insurance?

We strongly recommend scuba diving insurance such as Divers Alert Network (DAN) This insurance should be secured before your arrival in Cozumel.

How much should I tip the divemaster?

The average tip is $5 to $8 per tank per diver. If you do a 2-tank dive, an appropriate tip would be $10 to $15 for each diver. The divemaster and crew pools the tips. If you want to tip someone beyond the pooled tip, it is up to you - but you should specify who the additional tip is for.